Particulars of Master Plan


Sl. No. Item Details
1 Area of General Town Planning Scheme (Master Plan) 0.54 Hectares
2 Area of the Municipality 0.54 Hectares
3 Villages covered in General Town Planning Scheme (Master Plan)
  1. Pedda Amberpet
  2. Pasumamula
  3. Kuntloor, Kalvancha, Hathi guda
  4. Thatti Annaram, Marripally
4 Overall Land use allocation break up Residential, Commercial, public and semi public , land use conservation land use and industrial land use the master plan displayed on net.
5 Locality-wise land use description
  1. Pedda Amberpet

i.            Residential – Pedda Amberpet, Suryavamshi, UTF

ii.          Commissioner – Main Road (High Way) both side bits

iii.          Manufacture zone – Pedda Amberpet

iv.          Multipule zone – Laxmareddy palem

v.           Conservation zone – Torrur road

vi.          Water body – Meddal Chervu

vii.         Forest land – Keesara Gutta

viii.        ORR Growth corridor – ORR area

  1. Pasumamula

i.              Residential – Pasumamula

ii.            Public and semi public – RGK to Gowrelle road

iii.           Growth corridor – ORR area

iv.           Water bodies area– Pasumamula

v.            Conservation zone – Old pasumamula

  1. Kuntloor

i.            Residential – Kuntloor

ii.           Manufacture zone – Kuntloor to Pedda Amberpet

iii.          Multipule zone – Kuntloor to Pasumamula

iv.          Open Space zone RGK area

v.           Forest area – Near by RGK

vi.          Conservation Zone – Behind kuntloor cheruv (behind sunrise colony)

vii.         Water body – Kuntloor Cheruvu

  1. Thatti Annaram

i.            Residential – Old Village –Maruthi nagar, GVR Colony, Vanasthalihills

ii.            Multipule use zone – Near by vanasthali hills near RNR Colony

iii.            Public Utilities  – RNR Colony road

iv.            Forest area – Thatti Annaram Major part

6 Proposed road widths
  1. Pedda Amberpet Nagar Panchayat

i.                     Laxma reddy palem to Munganur road 30m

ii.                   Pasumamula To Shanthinagar 18m

  1. Kuntloor

i.                     Kuntloor to Pasumamula 18m

  1. Thatti Annaram

i.                     Opp. Grave yard to marripalli 60m

ii.                   Marripalli road to Quthulapur and RGK Y Junction 30m

  1. Pasumamula

i.                     Kalanagar to ORR Road 30m

ii.                   Crasher plant to Gowralli road 30m

7 Heritage buildings and precincts
8 Change of land use cases approved by the Government GO Ms. No.148, MA, Dt:03.04.2013
9 Approved layouts Name of village with survey No. and extent
10 Land use Zoning regulations As per zoning regulation GO Ms No. 288 and GO. Ms. No.33
11 Villages and Survey Nos. likely to be affected by road proposals and other reservations for parks, play grounds and civic amenities
12 Layout and subdivision regulations
13 Control on building height/FSI/FAR/ground coverage etc As per Go Ms. No.168 MA Dt: 7.11.2012